It's Only Money

What does money mean to you?

It’s Only Money….. It really is JUST money. An every day necessity. We use it in all ways, shapes and forms every day of our lives.. we need it, we want it, we think we always need more of it. We judge each other by how much we have of it and yet, it is JUST money! It is merely paper and coins. We earn it - and we need it to survive.

Years (and years and years) ago we bartered for what we wanted and needed. History books tell us that we would trade cows for pigs or chickens. As we all know (hopefully), if you have a chicken, it can lay eggs. You can eat eggs and grow more chickens; all at the same time! We added a tangible value to those items we were bartering with. My… how things have changed… now we use (quite literally) paper and plastic… Our mindset has completely changed since those olden days!

We Need It

We all need money in our lives, no matter how we feel around it. It gets us the things that we want and need. We take it for granted but we sure as Hell notice when it is not there and readily available to us…. If we don’t have money, we don’t get fed, pay our bills or go out and have a good time… Without money, we can do nothing… At least, that is what we are lead to believe, anyway.

We Want It

We all want more money. No matter how much we have, we always want more. I am firmly of the belief that we just may already have “enough”. It is what we do with it that really counts. This commodity that we call money rules our lives and it really shouldn’t. Money should be the Master, NOT the slave

Is It Really “the root of all evil”?

A lot of opinion is that money is the root of all evil. But is it really? If we treat it for what it actually is; the funds received in exchange for goods and services… then it is not evil at all. Far from it. It gives us freedom, choices, and peace of mind.

We Judge Each Other About It

We all judge each other by how much money we have. If we are rich, we are deemed to be successful and if we are poor, we are somehow deemed a failure. This should not be the case AT ALL…… there are some very rich people that have not earnt a cent of their ridiculous fortune and likewise, there are some people in the world who are extremely poor, through no fault of their own… so why are we so quick to judge each other? We are so programmed to think that if we have lots of money and a flash car, that we have earnt every scent and that we are somehow making a better life than someone with less. It is ONLY money…. Sadly, it rules our values and opinions - as well as bank balances.

As my business grows, I am realising more and more each day that there is every chance that we already have enough. We are just not aware of how much we actually have, and (more importantly) where it needs to go, in the future. So many of my clients claim to be “living beyond their means” and it is such an awesome experience for me when they realise they actually have some surplus.

I am no Magician, but I know a lot of my clients claim that I am… and I am okay with that..

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