STOP saying the word “Budget”

Budget is not a nice word… When you hear or say the word “budget” what do you immediately think of? I can answer that for you, as I am pretty sure it is the same for us all… it makes you feel deprived, negative, flat, maybe even a little stressed and depressed. That is because you immediately think of all the things you cannot have, but what you want so badly. It is exactly the same feeling as when you are on a diet. How often do your friends ask you to share a pizza and a bowl of wedges, or that bottle of fine Shiraz? You know it tastes soooooooo good, but you cannot have it, cos you’re on a diet!

The word “budget” is exactly the same… As soon as you hear it, you start thinking of those items that you would love to have, but sadly, “cannot afford”. That’s what you tell yourself anyway as the word budget kind of implies that you will never have those “must have” items as they are not IN the budget, nor would they ever FIT IN the budget, so what’s the point?… Who actually budgets these days anyway? All budgeting appears to be is a way to track what you have spent… when that is exactly what it is… Spent! It has gone! “Too late, came the cry…..”.

What you actually need is a Spending Plan. But you knew I was gonna say that, right? Because that’s what I do; Spending Plans.

Anyway….. back to my point; Budgets don’t work because we keep avoiding them, we don’t actually put that much effort into them; because we never feel like doing them, because they make us feel deprived, and we fear that they are going to give us bad news…. Then when we do tell ourselves that we have a healthy budget, we want to make ourselves feel good, and reward ourselves, so we go out and spend some money (generally on stuff we don’t need) and we just show that nasty word Budget who is the Boss! Sabotage anyone? Then we get into even more debt, that we hadn’t budgeted for… and here we are again, we are back to avoiding looking at the day to day finances (aka Budgeting). Vicious circle, huh?

So! With a Spending Plan, you know exactly where all of your hard-earned cash is, and ever so more importantly, where it is going. It even tells you the “safe amount” you need to have in your bank account at any one time…. It projects into the future too. Ground breaking stuff!

If you are fed up with avoiding the day to day finances and budgeting and cannot get rid of that knot or sick feeling in your stomach, then we need to talk. You need to know that you no longer have to feel deprived, stressed or depressed about your day to day finances – ever again.

Budgets are a thing of the past. Spending Plans are in. For more information, check out The testimonials speak for themselves…

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