There is no shame in asking for help – Fact...!!

You CAN overcome your financial challenges The part of my job that I love the most is witnessing the change in people as they overcome their financial struggles and head off down the road to prosperity. Help with money problems is what I do. Being able to help people escape the misery of debt and enjoy life is an absolute blessing for me and I just need to do it more….. but for some people, the shame of their financial woes is so embarrassing that even coming to a budgeting expert for help feels too much to face. I get it. There is not much I have not heard and I make no judgements (just ask any of my Clients).

Are you a tad too embarrassed to ask for help? Is the thought of sitting down with someone just too much to bear? Now, of course, I can tell you that there’s no need for such “shame”, especially when coming to me for help. I’ve seen it all before. We are all human, and our feelings can be intense at times.

There is no denying that in these instances the solution is there within reach, yet painfully unobtainable at the same time. The problem itself (the debt and the attached shame) is severe enough that it prevents the sufferer from feeling they can seek help.

Do you really need help with your day to day finances and don’t know where to turn? You are NOT alone Being that many people who feel this way need assistance more than most, I’ve really struggled with not being able to help them over the years. So, after much consideration and planning, I’ve designed a way for people in this situation to seek the help they need without having to experience the negative emotions that come from discussing their finances with someone. Especially someone they don’t know. Not well enough anyway!

Is it all so much that you don’t want to speak to anyone? It’s okay; I get it. I can help you, and you don’t need to tell me anything about you or your finances. You don’t even need to meet or speak to me…

My unique budgeting software is available to anyone and comes with a comprehensive support program. But for those who desire a little anonymity, I can set you up with the software and all the guidance you need via email. I supply tips and tricks, easy to understand instructions, lists to refer to, plus videos and the like – you get it all!

What you need to break the cycle is finally here. This system WORKS! And of course, if later you decide you do want to speak with me, the option is there. Support from me is included, but only at your request. There’s no obligation to involve me at all. However, I am only ever just a phone call or a text away.

Interested, but not quite convinced? Please indulge me, and consider the following questions…

· Are you lying awake at night stressing over how you are going to cope?

· Are you constantly arguing with your partner over the joint finances?

· Do you wish you had all the tools you needed at your fingertips – so you could work it all out yourself – without any input from others?

· Do all those around you think you are nailing it because you’ve never told anyone?

· Are you tired of pretending you’re good at it, while the knot in your stomach never goes away?

…and most importantly, do you know something needs to change, but you don’t feel like you can talk to anyone about it?

Yes, we live in the “Lucky Country” but…. Money worries and financial stress is the Number 1 reason couples fight and argue

One third of all Australian households have no savings

Money trouble is the leading cause for divorce in Australia

Yet, here we are…

Everyone needs a Spending Plan I guess I would say that, wouldn’t I? But it is true! I actually have clients earning over $230K+ per annum. I also have a client purely on Centrelink benefits who earns $540 per fortnight.

One of them consistently saves 10% of their income…. Which one do you reckon?

If you guessed it’s the high-income earner doing the saving, then think again.

Feel better now? Trust me, very few of us are “nailing it”. If you need help with those nagging money problems, you need it, no shame. No one needs to know, and you will sleep better at night… I promise you.

If (WHEN!) you decide “enough is enough”, please stop what you are doing and go to my website and sign up. If you want to chat to me personally first, then that is fine too, you can book in here.

I am looking forward to having you on board – and there will be no talk of shame…