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Personal budgeting spending made easy

Find financial freedom with a Spending Plan!

  • fed up with your budget not working for you?

  • are you sick of living pay to pay?

  • stressed and arguing with your partner over money?

  • are you not sleeping well?


A Spending Plan is the solution you are looking for

We don't take control of your money, we help guide you

We don't need to see your bank account we help you with healthy money habits and great software

Initial consultation is FREE with no obligation to sign up

Leave your details below and we will call you back

A Spending Specialist will be in touch.

personal budgeting from a spending planner in australia

Create a debt-free, stress-free life.

Just ask our clients.

They love us...

 Spending Made Easy have been my inspiration to take back control of my life and my finances and the software that runs it all is amazing and easy.

Single Mum

My bills don't change, my fluctuating income does, but with Spending Made Easy I can see what I have at any point in the future.

Spending Made Easy is Amazing!!! I now after years of juggling, have a clear plan in place to organise my finances, and continue experiencing life to the fullest!!!


Savvy Professional

Spending Specialists

It's not about the income,

it's about the outcome

At Spending Made Easy – we create spending plans that help people control and take charge of their spending. With our support and guidance, people can get out of debt, start or increase their savings, and even plan for a future they never thought possible. Personal budgeting is old, get a Spending Plan.

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