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Steps To Building A Better Budget & Spending Plan Podcast

Samantha Boardman leading budgeting specialist and spending planner from spending made easy

Hear from Samantha Boardman, leading Spending Planner and Founder of Spending Made Easy in her featured podcast on Podcast City Radio.

In each episode she will be talking about steps to building a better budget, the facts around spending, how and what a spending plan is, and/or other current facts about the financial situation of the Australian home.

Keep up to date and informed of how best to reduce the stress and worry in your life with a spending plan.

CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON BELOW TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST (or review the episode list below to choose which episode you would like to hear)

Episode 1: Let's Meet Samantha Boardman From Spending Made Easy

In this episode, you will learn more about Samantha Boardman, businesswoman and owner of Spending Made Easy. You will also learn about her passion, which is to help the Australian home get out of financial worry. She also discusses the very relevant topic of the Basic Card, and how families could be affected if the Australian government continues with their decision to remove the service. Listen to what the solution is with episode 1.

We Can Help

If you want a Spending Plan that can help you, then please contact us to find out more. We will create a personalised, detailed Spending Plan, just for you!

You won’t regret it! You can book in here for a no-obligation chat.

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