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About us


personal budgeting from a spending planner in australia

Hi there,

I am Sam (Samantha) and I am originally from Stockport in the North West of England (my accent also gives this away!). I was born and raised in the UK by very “financially strict” parents.  My Father firmly believed that if you were earning/bringing money into the house (no matter how little that was, or how young you were), you contributed – end of story. He even put the “rent” up so much that I could no longer afford to live at home. As a result, I had to learn to budget, and I had to learn fast!

Fast forward 30 odd years and I now have a business helping people with their budgets.

I founded Spending Made Easy in July 2016, after being made redundant from BAE Systems 12 months before, after a very successful career in Logistics and Procurement. I did some great volunteer work during my 12 months off, and I even raised a Guide Dog Puppy “Monty”. I also worked at the Suicide Prevention Call Centre, Lifeline, answering the Crisis Support Line that taught me a lot about how much stress people are in, in the many ways, shapes and forms. Lots of those calls were in relation to the stress around money and people’s day to day finances. Trust me, there is nothing I haven’t heard.

This inspired me to create...

Spending Made Easy: a budgeting and spending plan business that helps single parents, families, and individuals to remove the stress around money.

At Spending Made Easy we take away all the stress, worry, panic, uncertainty and often sleepless nights from your day-to-day finances and budgeting. We even help people stop arguing with their partners over money… We change lives!!  It really is awesome. Please feel free to check out the testimonials (I have many private ones too, as not everyone is keen to share their success stories).

Plus! Our awesome software keeps you on track, up to date and focused. It allows you to see your financial future before you get there (it's a bit like a crystal ball, but for your money)! It’s awesome. When you can see your financial future, you can also see how much time you have to change things, if change is necessary.  It also tells you how much surplus there is once you have paid all of your expenses. How cool is that? I SO wish I had a Spending Plan when my father was upping the rent each time that I got a pay rise (at my very low paid job!).


Helping people with their budgets is what I was born to do. I’ve been budgeting all my life.  I have even written a book about it; Budgeting Is Crap (because it is!).

If you would like some help with your budgeting, then please get in touch.

I am looking forward to it already! If I can turn my financial life around, then
so can you!

Let’s do this!


spending made easy samantha boardman
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