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Success Stories


spending planner and budgeting planner testimonials

Single Mum

 Spending Made Easy have been my inspiration to take back control of my life and my finances and the software that runs it all is amazing and easy.


My bills don't change, my fluctuating income does, but with Spending Made Easy I can see what I have at any point in the future.

Business Woman

I use to have a $1,000 overdraft and it was always in the overdraft. Now we are not in the overdraft anymore... I have multiple accounts with money in it instead of just zero... Spending Made Easy makes sense. It makes your life a whole lot easier. 

Hard Working Mum

I thought I would have to get a second job and I already work full-time hours... I started using Spending Made Easy a month ago... Its made my life so much easier.


I haven’t been able to work out where my money is going. Spending Made Easy really helped me put it into perspective. I now know where my money is going, and where I need to make changes.

Spending Made Easy Testimonial Julian

Father of Four

With Spending Made Easy's help I am now in a much better place and have learnt a lot about managing my money.

Spending Made Easy Testimonial Nikki

Savvy Professional

Spending Made Easy is Amazing!!! I now after years of juggling, have a clear plan in place to organise my finances, and continue experiencing life to the fullest!!!

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