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Why do I need a budget?

You need to “budget” so that you can see how healthy (or unhealthy) your financial situation is - no matter how much you earn. Knowing where you are financially, means you can make some changes, if necessary.


What is a Spending Plan?

A Spending Plan is a fabulous “budgeting” system (way better than any traditional budget as it allows you to see into the future).  You really can see your financial future before you get there.


Why should I choose Spending Made Easy?

Because we work WITH you at your own pace. No judgements or assumptions. There is a package for anyone and everyone. The success stories and testimonials speak for themselves.


Can I (and should I) use a Spending Plan if I am already good with my money?

Absolutely! How can you improve on something if you are not already monitoring it? A Spending Plan can help you confirm that you are on the right path, giving you financial peace of mind.


How can a Spending Plan help me personally?

A Spending Plan gives you the security that you are on the right path and not living beyond your means - or committing to stuff financially that you may not be able to afford (and thus regret buying down the track).


How can a Spending Plan help my family?

A Spending Plan is great for families as the bills and financial commitments can pile up. Having a Spending Plan for your family is a must to ensure that every mouth is fed and that all the bills are paid on time (every time).


Is using the software complicated?

The Software is not complicated at all. It is easy to use and has fabulous, colourful images that gives you a clear picture of your financial situation; now, and into the future.


Is the software linked to my bank accounts?

No, the software will never be linked to your bank accounts.  It is a tool to use alongside your current banking processes.  You can play with it and use it to plan all of your financial commitments, before you actually make them.


Does anyone at Spending Made Easy ever have access or control of my bank accounts?



What security and privacy is there around the software?

The Spending Planner software is cloud based and is 100% safe and secure. 


How much of my time will I need to put in?

You can spend as much time as you like on your Spending Plan. Once set up, it can be as little as a few minutes per week, just to check in, keep you accountable and on track. Easy! 


How do I cancel/stop using the software?

You can cancel your software subscription at any time, just by writing to us at Spending Made Easy.


Do I need to share all my personal income and earnings to use the program successfully

At Spending Made Easy we do not need to know how much you earn. We simply demonstrate what it is that you should be earning, based on the expenses and commitments entered into your Spending Plan.


Can I get a Spending Plan for my child or family member? (Teenager out of home)

You sure can. A Spending Plan is suitable for anyone with any financial commitments, no matter how big or small.  It is great for children/young adults to start planning their financial future early.


Can I use a Spending Plan to help me save to buy a house?

Yes, you can.  A Spending Plan is ideal for saving for a house.  It would give you the exact date that you would have the required deposit saved up! It would also keep you motivated and on track. Maybe even get you there sooner!


Can I get a Spending Plan to help me save for a car, holiday, or wedding?

Yes, to ALL of these life goals/dreams.  The fact it projects 10 years into the future means that you can use it for pretty much any savings goal or dream.


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