Do you Spend THEN Save, or vise versa?

Question; Do you spend THEN save, or save THEN spend? Interesting question isn’t it?? In my opinion, you are either one, or the other.

Let’s look at the two options;

Spend THEN Save…

Lots of people spend then save. Few might argue that they cannot afford to save as they have spent it all! Too many bills and regular financial commitments leave them with nothing left TO save, not to mention the increasing cost of living and utilities. We all want that fabulous lifestyle, right? That gorgeous car and nice house, come at a cost. If you spend THEN save, then there is generally no savings available for an emergency or for a rainy day. Do you really need all those things that you are spending your hard earned cash on in the first place? Perhaps not. Cutting back on a few things by a little, makes a huge difference. So… Are you Spender then a Saver? I do know it is a LOT of people. If you ARE, then you are probably not saving at all!

Save THEN Spend…

Lots of people save then spend. Some people chose to decide on amount they want to save (often calculated – and thus driven, by a goal, or a dream holiday they want to go on), and then adjust the rest of their outgoings accordingly. This type of person might seem to be a bit frugal (or “tight” with their money). However, they are generally financially confident that they have it all covered. That’s because they are planning ahead, thinking of all the potential possibilities and eventualities. What’s more, they are driven to making things work because they have a plan. It may not always work, but the plan (and the focus) is there. They know what they want to achieve and are prepared to work for it, even if it includes cutting costs along the way. They probably sleep a lot better than the Spenders too, as the Spenders will be stressing about not having any savings or emergency fund….. Or perhaps (even worse), the Spenders “don’t care”! Does the phrase “I live week to week” (or pay cheque to pay cheque) ring any bells?

Whether you are a Spender then a Saver or vise versa, then a Spending Plan is for you. A Spending Plan demonstrates exactly where all of your financial commitments are currently going… and more importantly, where they need to be in the future. We even factor in (and plan for) all eventualities…. You’d be surprised what we can achieve!

Need More Information?

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