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Is Money the Root of All Evil? How Can You Make Better Use Of It?

is money the root of all evil from spending made easy

You might often question yourself about how to use your own money. Like, "what can I buy with my last $20" or "I can't afford that, that is too expensive". So have you questioned yourself on "is money the root of all evil", or better yet, "how should I be using my money"?

This is also reflected in Ayn Rand's famous quote...

“So you think that money is the root of all evil. Have you ever asked what the root of all money is?” - Ayn Rand

What is money?

If we take a look at money for what it really is; the funds received in exchange for goods and services… then it’s really not evil at all. In fact, money, or the love of money, is how YOU (that’s right, YOU!) can make the world a better place. How can that be evil?

It is not money that is the root of all evil, but for all we know, it is the lust for power that causes great evil in the world. Money can be used as a means to acquire this power, but it is merely incidental in this equation. If you carry negative thoughts about money, such as the belief that money is the root of all evil, then you are manifesting a reality that is keeping you from becoming financially abundant.

Therefore you should first remind yourself of what exactly money is at its core; a medium of exchange for goods and services, and focus on the good things it can do for you and others.

Think of it like a vehicle. You get into your car and you drive from A to B, and once you have arrived at B, you have achieved your goal. Are you happy? Of course you are, you achieved your goal... And that is the same with money. You want to achieve, purchase, go out, eat, etc... and in order to get there you need to hand over some money.

Your Vehicle

Now in using the analogy above that money is a vehicle, you also need to extend your thinking to how everyone drives a different car. Some have a sports car, some have a family car, some have a little beep-beep car, and some have a lemon. In saying that, some cars drive faster than others and in comparison, some will arrive earlier or later than you.

money as a vehicle from spending made easy

That of course doesn't mean you can't get there. You will just need to find the right path to the destination that will make you happy.

What Does This Mean?

The right path to the destination is about living within your means, but also, more importantly, understanding what your wants vs needs are. Only by prioritising what you want in life and staying focussed towards your goal, will you be able to achieve the financial independence/freedom that you have always wanted.

So what kind of goal should you have? Well, that is up to you... Whether it be you want to:

  • save some money to do a course for career progression

  • buy a house to get out of renting

  • save for a holiday to relax

  • prepare for your wedding

  • or even donate your money towards a charity you love

Whatever it is, you need to discover your goal and put a plan in place on how you are going to achieve it. Then essentially, stick to the plan and your goal will be achieved.

But What Kind Of Plan

Being related to money, you most likely thought of a budget. However, budgets also look at the past and not the future. So what is the solution?

As with everything in the world, technology has improved, and so has planning. In fact, when it comes to money, budgets are out and Spending Plans are in. A Spending Plan is a way to track your expenses and income, and the frequencies in which they come. Essentially, that surprise bill you didn't realise was coming, is in your Spending Plan and it will show you, and and prepare you, so you will no longer have any shortfalls. NO MORE SUPRISE BILLS

Better yet, you will stop living week-to-week and you can save towards that large goal you want to achieve (i.e. own a house, go on holiday, buy a new car, plan a wedding, and more...)

So how do you get your very own wonderous Spending Plan? Easy, schedule a time for a no-obligation chat or simply select one of our many packages.

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Swapnil Saha
Swapnil Saha
May 19, 2022

this is pretty bad


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