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Reach Your Financial Goals Using Teamwork & Accountability

teamwork and accountability with a spending planner

Teamwork & Accountability”….. We all know that these actually work, don’t we? In fact, it can help you reach your financial goals...

Have you ever watched the Gold Medal Winners at the Olympics and thought how magnificent they are that they can achieve such results? Those results are always way better than they, or anyone before them, ever thought possible.

Well, they did not get there by themselves, I will tell you that for nothing. There was a Team of dedicated professionals behind the scenes with a plan, a goal, a vision and all the steps (already mapped out beforehand) that needed to be taken for that person (or Team!) to win that Gold Medal. There is always a Team.

Getting help with your (often “out of control”) spending is just the same. It is exactly like having a Personal Trainer/Coach (call it what you like), but for your money! You pay a PT to make you (or should I say encourage you?) to do Burpees, run that extra mile or do those extra Push-Ups... you don’t like it and the majority of us would certainly NOT do them by choice, so you pay someone to help you because you KNOW you will do it - as they are making you accountable.

We are on their Team and so we need to pull our weight. No one wants to be the Team Member letting everyone down.

Those Teammates are all there, guiding us, teaching and supporting us. Demonstrating, and encouraging us. Mentoring us. Persuading us even! They even remind us WHY we are doing it in the first place (recalling the goals that we all discussed at outset) - and of course, they are there to remind us what the consequences WILL be if we don’t carry out all of our agreed obligations. You are hearing me here, aren’t you? I know you are…

So! If you have EVER struggled with your day-to-day finances and spending, and don’t know where all your money goes, then having a Spending Planner on your side, might just be the Teamwork (and accountability) that you are looking for. I would LOVE to have you on my Team. Check out my testimonials – they speak for themselves.

We Can Help

If you want a Spending Plan that can help you, then please contact us to find out more. We will create a personalised, detailed Spending Plan, just for you!

You won’t regret it! You can book in here for a no-obligation chat.

For more information, check out The testimonials speak for themselves…

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