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Why Spending Made Easy?

This is a serious question! - Why Spending Made Easy? Great question, huh? Why Spending Made Easy? We all know that there are options when it comes to sourcing help with your day-to-day finances and household budgeting, and options are good. Options enable us to choose who is the best fit for us to work with, based on our own personal, and often very specific circumstances.

However! Since I started my business; Spending Made Easy, it has become very apparent to Me that people actually get benefit from doing their own day-to-day finances, all by their goddamn selves! It is empowering, enlightening, and often a massive relief for people to actually SEE where all their money has been going, and often more importantly, where it WILL be going if they continue down the same, current path. There are so many “light bulb moments”, you’d be amazed.

Spending Made Easy NEVER has access to Clients’ bank accounts and we never pay your bills for you! We don’t even need to know how much you earn. If you find that strange or weird, then ask any Client of Spending Made Easy, if they have ever been asked to divulge their household incomes. A Spending Plan is very much a visual representation of how much you “need to be earning” to live the lifestyle that you have chosen for yourself, including all of the commitments and obligations you have committed to. What you actually earn, or how much cash you have in your bank account, is none of our business. The "Others" I am aware of other Budgeting Organisations that have substantial, ongoing fees and one of the reasons for that is that they pay your bills for you. Now then, I come from Northern England where we “call a spade a spade” and I am of the firm opinion, that if you are “big enough and daft enough” to earn your own money, then you are “big enough and daft enough” to pay your bills yourself.

Now then… Before I offend anyone…. I am NOT saying that I am better than all the other organisations out there (although I do believe it, obviously), it is “horses for courses”. If you are a person who perhaps needs that type of support in your life, then go for it, no judgments here. I knew someone with a gambling addiction once and they “needed” someone else to pay their bills for them, as they were not to be trusted with the money in their own bank account. They would blow it, and potentially end up homeless. I get it. These people DO need someone else to take control, and I am 100% in support of that. If I come across these scenarios, which are rare to say the least, I am more than happy to refer them on. Free financial Counsellors are always good too! Joe Blow What I also believe, is that the majority of “average folk” can (and generally want to) manage their personal finances themselves. They often just don’t know how to, or are struggling with an old Excel Spreadsheet, or lots of bits of paper strewn all over the place. I actually love it when people explain to me how they calculate everything for the year, and then divide it up into their pay cycle (weekly, monthly, etc) and then they believe that they are nailing it. Which of course, in their eyes, they are! They just need to realise that there is a better system out there, where you will never need a calculator, and you will never have to average anything out; You just “set and forget” (almost). With the right tools and the right support and guidance, it is all SO MUCH simpler, and way less time-consuming. Society Managing your money or day-to-day finances is not taught in Schools. It never was in my day, anyway. So, is it any wonder a lot of us are no good at it? It is not helped by the fact that, in today’s world, we are offered all sorts of “by now, pay for it later” scenarios when we go out to the shops. We can literally have what we want and our bank balance stays the same – until the month after when the panic sets in, and the realisation that we cannot return the goods we purchased/signed up for. Get A Spending Plan With a Spending Plan, you know EXACTLY ALL of your current and future financial commitments and you also know EXACTLY how much extra/surplus there is BEFORE you head out the door – and spot that “must-have bargain”…. You have a very clear visual of where all your money IS and, more importantly, where it is going - on ANY given day of the week/month/year. The awesome software we use can project 10 years into the future too. It is a game-changer, trust me. Packages At Spending Made Easy, we have a choice of 3 packages so we really can cater for all! Whether you are a high-income earner, or you just receive benefits. The array of clients currently using our services is massive. However, our packages all have a timeframe on them as we teach you how to do it all yourself, so there is NO lifetime commitment of extortionate ongoing fees. We set you up for life and then all you need to do - is live it! The only cost that needs to be factored in, is the monthly fee to use the awesome software and that is currently $20 per month. What’s not to love there? For more information, check out The testimonials speak for themselves. For a no-obligation chat with Spending Made Easy, schedule a time here Samantha 0404 468 525


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